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World History and Big History



Links to stories of the first Four Epochs of Civilization with intimations of a Fifth Civilization:

A Short History of Civilization I - How government has developed since the Sumerian and Egyptian city states (1999) 14,388 words www.worldhistorysite/civilization1.html - 12 languages

A Short History of Civilization II - How world religion became a power center in society (1999) 15,265 words www.worldhistorysite/civilization2.html - 12 languages

A Short History of Civilization III - Development of European and world culture following the Renaissance (1999) 14,635 words www.worldhistorysite/civilization3.html - 12 languages

A Short History of Civilization IV - The emergence of the entertainment culture as today’s civilization (1999) 14,36l words www.worldhistorysite/civilization4.html - 12 languages

Intimations of a fifth civilization - How human society and culture may follow the capabilities of computing machines (1999) 13,765 words www.worldhistorysite/intimations.html - 12 languages


The scheme of multiple civilizations:

What is a Civilization? - A society or a culture? (1999) 1,046 words www.worldhistorysite/civilizationscheme.html - 12 languages

The scheme of civilizations in Five Epochs of Civilization - focused upon communication technologies and society’s pluralistic power structure (2017) 473 words civscheme.html - 12 languages

 A Short Description of the first Four Civilizations - according to concepts in the book Five Epochs of Civilization (2005) 2,240 words fourcivilizations.html - 12 languages

Brief Histories of Four Key Institutions in Society - government, religion, commerce, and education (2005) 6,035 words longerdescriptions.html - 12 languages


International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations (ISCSC):

Topics discussed at the 1961 meeting of civilization scholars in Salzburg - Intellectual giants of that day discuss the big themes of history and society (2005) 2,361 words salzburgmeeting.html - 12 languages

Specialized institutions emerging in world history - McGaughey’s address at the 2011 conference of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on the 50th anniversary year of the society's founding - (2011) 4,006 words specialization.html - 12 languages

World History and the Five Civilizations - An article written by William McGaughey for the Spring 2002 issue of Comparative Civilization Review (2002) 6,320 words iscscarticle.html - 12 languages

Campaigning for high political office in an age of entertainment - William McGaughey's quixotic quest of the U.S. Presidency in 2004 (2005) 2,275 words campaign.html - 12 languages

Using world history to predict the future of the first civilization - As government has changed over the millennia, so human society (2007) 5,667 words iscsc2007.html - 12 languages

An Internal Dynamic causing the Decline and Fall of Civilizations - A presentation at the 39th conference of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations in 2009 (2009) 2,727 words internaldynamic.html - 12 languages

New ways of finding buyers of commercial products as civilizations change - how the buyers and sellers of products are brought together (2010) 1,923 words newways.html - 12 languages

An existential threat to our civilization - Rising labor productivity without reductions in work hours throw American workers on the defensive (2017) 1,923 words existentialthreats.html - 12 languages

Review of "Information Technology and Societal Development" by Andrew Targowski - in Comparative Civilization Review (2010) 1,494 words targowskiarticle.html - 12 languages

Review of "Prague in Black and Gold" by Peter Demetz - in Comparative Civilization Review (2017) 1,239 words demetzarticle.html - 12 languages


More on civilizations:

Using world history to predict the future - Patterns in the first four epochs of civilization guide us toward the future (2001) 5,385 words www.worldhistorysite/prediction.html - 12 languages (formerly Google’s top-rated site for the search words “predict the future”)

The Book: Summary of Individual Chapters - Synopsis of chapters in the book, “Five Epochs of Civilization (2005) 2,404 words chaptersumm.html - 12 languages

Three Internet Inventions as told by their creators - how the computer virus, camera phone, and YouTube were created (2017) 1,963 words internetinventions.html - 12 languages

How Communication Technology Drives Civilization’s Ideals - A series of cultural inventions have changed what we value (2005) 2,110 words ctideals.html - 12 languages

On the Cutting Edge of Knowledge - A short history of the most advanced techniques of establishing truth in each age (2005) 4,491 words cuttingedge.html - 12 languages

God’s Authority in the World - Whether his reputed word binds humanity to the end of time (2007) 2,847 words knowgod.html - 12 languages

New ways of reaching buyers of commercial products as civilizations have changed - the connection between media and merchandizing in different periods of history (2010) 6,037 words buyers.html - 12 languages

Commercial Holidays and the Reaction to Consumerism - The Rev. Billy carries a big bull horn (2005) 1,279 words consumerism.html - 12 languages

A Short History of Communication Technologies - From written language to the Internet, the invention of new communication techniques has changed human culture (1999) 13,829 words www.worldhistorysite/cthistory.html - 12 languages

Diagram of Emerging Institutions in Civilized Society - The social mitosis or process of cell-like division applied to human societies (2001) 90 words www.worldhistorysite/diagram.html - 12 languages

Religion in the five epochs of civilization - Society’s spiritual orientation changes with the times (1999) 15,331 words www.worldhistorysite/religion3.html - 12 languages

Speculations on human life in outer space - Our human identity lies ultimately in our culture and seed. (1986) 1,955 words www.outerspace.html - 12 languages



on Big History: - a story of universal experience from the Big Bang to the present and into the future 539 words BHS-mainpage.html - 12 languages

Reflections upon the Triple Existence 1,236 words reflections.html - 12 languages

How the Triple Existence exists 1,338 words howitexists.html - 12 languages

Thought as a component of the physical universe x words thoughtsexistence.html - 12 languages

An alternative scheme of thresholds and historical turning points 2,285 words IBHApaper.html - 12 languages talk given at the 2nd IHBA conference held in San Rafael, California, in August, 2014

Storytelling and science in Big History 3,881 words sciencestory.html - 12 languages

Big History is an idea whose time has come 3,546 words timehascome.html - 12 languages

What can be learned from Big History? 2,666 words BHlearning.html - 12 languages

Of what use is this Cosmology? 1,856 words whatuse.html - 12 languages

Some models of world history and big history 13,315 words models.html - 12 languages

A list of "things" and how to analyze them 1,343 words things-list.html - 12 languages

Answers to questions about particular objects 21,937 words things-answers.html - 12 languages

Experiencing the Triple Existence 2,784 words things-introduction.html - 12 languages

The New Trinity of the Triple Existence 1,693 words newtrinity.html - 12 languages talk given at the 3rd IHBA conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in July, 2016

(IBHA = International Big History Association)


Outline of a yet unpublished book, History of the Triple Existence, 3,258 words outline.html - 12 languages



See the website at which has a complete set of writings on this subject.

Beyond civilization - big history

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