Strip the robes off judges (a leaflet)



Strip the robes off judges!

I mean this literally. Judges should not be allowed to wear robes in court. The medieval pageantry in our courts should come to an end. Legal disputes should be settled in a respectful, business-like fashion. Specialized clothing is not required.

A few more things - Judges should not sit on elevated platforms but be on the same level physically as the parties to a dispute. People should not be required to rise when the judge enters a court room. Antiquated phrases such as “your honor” should no longer be used. Dispense with judicial humbug. Justice can be served without it.

If you think I might have a chip on my shoulder regarding judges and courts, you’re right. In the waning years of my life, I have been forced into a number of difficult legal situations in Minnesota and been appalled by those experiences. In fact, I have written up a number of them in the form of personal stories. Go to

At this site, you can read first-hand accounts of harrowing legal experiences related to arrests for domestic assault, divorce, foreclosure, and even murder. You can learn how a revered Supreme Court justice conspired to make Minnesota courts more friendly toward women (and unfriendly toward men). Most people try to avoid court if they can but I was forced into this situation. Others have had it worse.

If we want to live in a good and decent society, judicial reform would be the place to start. The system will not reform itself without outside political intervention. That’s why I am passing out this leaflet. I’d love to hear from you if you agree that court reform in Minnesota is possible, if not long overdue.

William McGaughey, Minneapolis, MN 55405

(If you want to help this cause, make some photocopies of this flyer and give them to your friends.)



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