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cases of (mostly judicial) abuse -

Floyd Ruggles’ Unhappy Experiences with the City of Minneapolis - Landlord forced into bankruptcy after being harassed by Minneapolis housing inspectors directed by a City Council member (1997) 1,012 words ruggles.html - 12 languages

David Sundberg’s Story - House in north Minneapolis condemned by eminent domain and then torn to the ground (1997) 2,630 words sundberg.htmPlease select an item.l - 12 languages

Sam Czaplewski’s Unhappy Experiences with the City of Minneapolis - How city government has abused its power to condemn by eminent domain (1997) 1,672 words czaplewski.html - 12 languages

James Wu’s Story - How a religious nonprofit tried to take two apartment buildings from him using Minnesota’s “nuisance law” (1998) 1,514 words wu.html - 12 languages

Rey and Pat Mattson’s Story - "A racial-discrimination “lawsuit from hell” (1998) 3,005 words mattson.html - 12 languages

Betty Speaker’s Story - Relentless harassment of an elder homeowner by St. Paul housing inspections (2006) 772 words speaker.html - 12 languages

How Nancy Osterman lost her home - St. Paul homeowner shaken down by a city housing inspector (2006) 4,189 words osterman.html - 12 languages

City of St. Paul tries to close down Diva's bar - St. Bernard's church planned to build an assisted-living facility on the site of the bar (2007) 4,509 words divas.html - 12 languages

Heartless! - The Minneapolis Inspections department goes after Ron Folger and his tenants (with newspaper photograph) (2011) 2,103 words ronfolger.html - 12 languages

Neighborhood group presses city to condemn William McGaughey's apartment building - Community policing isn’t what it’s thought to be (2006) 3,396 words communitypolicing.html - 12 languages

Travails of a housing-management entrepreneur - Neighborhood block clubs and police give would-be crime-fighter the runaround (2007) 1,803 words houseingentrepreneur.html - 12 languages

When the rental-license inspector comes calling - An experience with targeted Inspections enforcement (2017) 3,981 words azmoudeh.html - 12 languages


explanations and commentary -

MPRAC's Early History - From gripe sessions and class-action lawsuits to a media operation specializing in civic protest (1999) 3,345 words www.earlyhistory.html - 12 languages

Forced out the tragic death of Helen Denise Hughes (article in Twin Cities Reader) (1996) 4,010 words helenhughes.html - 12 languages

A Civic Obligation Speak out when you see governmental wrongdoing (2014) 1,029 words www.civicduty.html - 12 languages

Abuse of Property Rights in Minneapolis and St. Paul Examples and Types of Abuse cited by Metro Property Rights Action Committee (2011) 3,945 words 33points.html - 12 languages

Rampaging Landlords - An example of successful political activism (1999) 4,279 words www.goldparty/landlords.html - 12 languages

Election Blow-out: Property Rights Group's Impact on the 2001 Minneapolis City Elections - better than expected, the bulk of the city's leadership was replaced (2001) 1,095 words www.goldparty/blowout.html - 12 languages

The Watchdog infiltrates St. Paul community meeting led by Council Member Lee Helgen - Some unseemly questions cause the meeting to be abruptly terminated (2007) 1,301 words www.goldparty/leehelgen.html - 12 languages

Crashing a Peace Rally - A provocative appeal to the city to stop closing down convenience stores (2007) 1,881 words peacerally.html - 12 languages

A letter for former MPRAC members on the email list Memories of past glory in fighting Minneapolis city hall (2016) 2,144 words lettertomembers.html - 12 languages



See the website at It has a complete set of writings on this subject.



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