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Resources for those falsely accused of domestic abuse


What to do about false allegations of domestic abuse? Does anyone even care?

The honest among us would admit that there are all kinds of men and there are all kinds of women. Some habitually use violence to express themselves or achieve personal objectives. The civilized way is to settle differences of opinion, attitude, or interest with words. Generally speaking, violence is permissible only in self-defense when one is compelled to use violence to prevent equal or greater danger. We have laws and law enforcement to protect individuals against unnecessary violence (which would mean most of the time).

Unfortunately, politics has intervened in this situation to suggest that only certain kinds of people- men - are perpetrators of violence while others - women - are always victims. In 1994, the U.S. government enacted the "Violence against Women Act", thus disregarding the concept of "equal justice under the law". Are not men sometimes victims of female violence or is there an inherent connection between being violent and male? Why not a "Violence against People Act", letting him or her, as the case may be, be punished for violent deeds?

The reason is that a "Violence Against People Act" would not be politically saleable. To motivate their constituents the politicians have given them someone to hate. They have given certain groups of women (and even of men) the male of the species to hate. Men are such brutes. We need law enforcement to protect women against this kind of creature.

So, in answer to the question whether anyone cares if men are falsely accused of violence, the answer is: probably not. The politicians, prosecutors, judges, shelter operators, and others connected with the system want votes (or money) more than they want justice; and getting votes depends on motivating their base. The Democrats motivate their base by stressing violence against women and then funding the domestic-abuse shelters. The Republicans, too, do not want to be on the wrong side of abused women. There's nothing personal, you see. It's all part of the game.

The weakness in this type of politics is that those falsely accused of violence sometimes tell their story. They may also have friends and relatives who are willing to listen and to believe what the accused person says. A male accused of violence has a mother willing to listen, and perhaps also a sister, daughter, or spouse. In other words, gender politics is riddled with personal relationships that undermine the solidarity of hate. Worst of all, female accusers sometimes recant. The state sponsors of hate cannot let this happen. Domestic violence is said to be an offense against the state rather than against the woman allegedly victimized.

Well, enough of this rant. Where can one go for help if one is falsely accused of domestic violence? Precious few places, I'm afraid. Try the following:

Domestic Violence Legislative Project

P.O. Box 1221

Rockville, MD 20849


I know the Minnesota coordinator of this organization, Bill Ronan, who is also a psychotherapist and hypnotist. He once published a psycho-history of Elvis Presley. Bill's phone nunber is 950-933-3460. His email address is