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A Confession: I believe in “conspiracy theories”.

I’m taking my political poison now in admitting that I believe in conspiracy theories relating to such events as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. Possibly there were also conspiracies connected with the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the plane crashes that killed Senator Paul Wellstone and Governor Mel Carnahan of Missouri, and perhaps other violent acts.

I believe this because numerous independent scholars have gathered evidence and interpretation to cast doubt on the official version of events. That evidence has been presented in numerous books, documentaries, etc., involving credible eyewitnesses and technical experts. I don’t vouch for the accuracy of each and every claim but most seem plausible and worthy of further investigation and review. In their totality, they make a compelling case.

Instead of public discussion, we have silence. The mainstream news media, by and large, refuses to investigate such claims, preferring instead to sneer at people who believe in “conspiracy theories.” Enough is enough. Up yours, you Big Media brahmin! I smell a rat.

The essence of “conspiracy”, in the case of President Kennedy’s assassination, is that a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, did not act alone in killing the President if, indeed, he participated in the killing. In the case of the 9/11 attacks, the twin towers of the World Trade Center - and certainly Building 7 - were likely toppled by explosives planted beforehand which caused the building to implode. The most shocking aspect of those “conspiracies” was that agents of the U.S. government - most likely, CIA personnel or employees of the Secret Service or other intelligence agencies - had foreknowledge of the attacks and may even have taken part in the destructive acts. Agencies of the U.S. Government were also involved in cover-ups. The official panels of inquiry were essentially dishonest.

And, because the major news media steadfastly refuses to look into this matter, the “conspiracy” likely extends to those institutions as well. It is truly mind-boggling that plots so abhorrent and inimical to the interests of the United States and the American people could be condoned by leaders of the U.S. government and that the so-called “independent” news media could be made to go along with their secret. Rather than open this can of worms, they prefer to scoff at the very notion of conspiracies. The Big Lies are so enormous that people prefer to block that possibility from their mind, trusting that the U.S. government was honest.

I do not want to get into all the details of evidence brought to light by various independent investigators. On the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, the History Channel featured a whole week of programming that refuted the “lone gunman” theory. Volumes of evidence point to the possibility that the implosion of the World Trade Center towers may have been an inside job. Instead, let me cite three pieces of testimony which are, I think, significant and convincing.

First, we have the personal testimony of a former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, to the effect that in 1999, shortly after he became Governor, Ventura was summoned to a meeting with 23 CIA agents in the basement of the Minnesota state capitol where he was questioned about the process by which he was elected Governor. Ventura writes in his latest book, “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me”, that he knew that the CIA was supposed to operate only outside the United States. When Governor Ventura pointed this out to the CIA people and asked them to give their names and occupations, most were evasive.

Ventura wrote in his book: “I was stunned to learn that there are CIA operatives inside some state governments. They are not in executive positions - in other words, not appointed by the governor - but are permanent state employees ... In Minnesota, this person was at a deputy commissioner level, fairly high up. Here’s how I found out about this: The CIA person contacted my chief of staff, who then set up a meeting between the three of us. My chief of staff and I were informed that only we would know the operative’s identity, nobody else in state government. Later, when there was a change in status, I was also briefed by the new CIA person.” (Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me, page 94)

In other words, we have it from a person who ought to know that the CIA has an illegal presence in Minnesota state government and most likely in other state governments and that knowledge of this is concealed from the public. It’s strange that even after Ventura published his book, the news media ignored the story. Yes, that is a “conspiracy” - one difficult to deny.

A second set of evidence is related to the Kennedy assassination. The Wikipedia entry for Cord Meyer, Jr., a top CIA official, states: “In a deathbed statement related in 2007, Watergate figure Howard Hunt states that (Cord) Meyer organized the assassination of John F. Kennedy at the behest of President Lyndon B. Johnson.” Thinking he was on his death bed, CIA operative Howard Hunt told his son, St. John, what he knew about the Kennedy assassination. He revealed to his son that Lyndon Johnson had wanted JFK killed and that Cord Meyer had arranged for this to be done. He wrote the names of the conspirators on a sheet of paper.

According to an article in Rolling Stone article based on an interview with St. John Hunt, “Howard Hunt scribbled the initials LBJ. Under LBJ, connected by a line, he wrote the name Cord Meyer. Meyer was a CIA agent whose wife had an affair with JFK; later she was murdered, a case that’s never been solved. Next his father connected to Meyer’s name the name of Bill Harvey, another CIA agent; also connected to Meyer’s name was the name David Morales, yet another CIA man and a well-known, particularly vicious black-op specialist. And then his father connected to Morales’ name, with a line, the framed words “French gunman grassy knoll” ... There was also on the grassy knoll a French gunman, presumably the Corsican Mafia assassin Lucien Sarti.”

Later, after the senior Hunt recovered his health, he tried to retract his testimony. He asked St. John to turn over the written notes he had made. St. John did so, but kept an audio recording that confirms the existence and veracity of Hunt’s “deathbed” interview.

Cord Meyer, who may have been the CIA’s #3 man before he became a Washington Times columnist, was also asked about the Kennedy assassination. Despite Howard Hunt’s accusation, he maintained his own innocence. In February 2001, just before his death, Meyer said: “My father died of a heart attack the same year Mary was killed. It was a bad time.” Asked who had killed Mary, Meyer replied: “The same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy.”

Note that Meyer did not deny that he knew who had killed President Kennedy, just his own involvement in the plot. Mary Meyer, his former wife and JFK’s alleged lover, was herself assassinated a year after President Kennedy’s death. Her diary was then confiscated by the CIA. It has since been destroyed.

Essentially, we have personal testimony from two top CIA officials - Howard Hunt and Cord Meyer, Jr. - that they knew who killed President Kennedy. Meyer said it was the same people who had killed Mary in October 1964 - a year after Lee Harvey Oswald’s death. Ergo, Cord Meyer did not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy. Howard Hunt had named names. This is as close to insider confession as we are likely to get from credible sources within the U.S. intelligence community.

Third, a person who surely knows the U.S. government’s darkest secrets would be the President of the United States, currently Barack Obama. Evidently, this information is kept is a collection of documents known as “The Book of Secrets”. Disney has made a documentary film about it. President Obama was asked about this book, which allegedly has information about the Kennedy assassination, “Area 51”, and other sensitive subjects which, according to an Associated Press report, “only Oval Office occupants are privy to.” Philadelphia radio talk show host, Michael Smerconish, asked Obama what was in the book. “I would tell you but I’d have to kill you,” the President joked in response. Yes, there was such a book and he was aware of its content, but Obama was committed to secrecy.

Does the idea of a conspiracy inside the U.S. Government now seem so far-fetched? We have personal testimony from a former Governor of Minnesota that CIA operatives are illegally planted within state government. We have a sitting President jokingly confirming that the President is indeed privy to “secrets” that must be kept from the public. We have deathbed confessions by two top CIA officials that they knew who killed President John F. Kennedy - and it wasn’t Oswald. What more credibility is required?

What to do about it

The stinking conspiracy of lies maintained by the U.S. government and abetted by the nation’s major news media cannot help but cast a pall over our civic life. We need the truth that will set us free.

Let’s focus immediately on the two big ones: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the mass destruction occurring on September 11, 2001. Numerous independent scholars and witnesses have already made a case that the official explanations by the Warren Commission and the 911 Commission may not be credible.

The challenge now is either to prove or disprove those allegations or, at least, to mount a thorough investigation of them by a group of investigators with both the resources and public credibility to reach conclusions that the public will accept. What is not acceptable is to fail to do further investigations because the whole idea of the government being involved in anything like this is preposterous, or, more succinctly stated, because “we do not believe in conspiracy theories”.

At the outset, we must eliminate personnel of the U.S. government from the role of investigating crimes alleged to have been committed or abetted by persons associated with the same government. We must also, I think, eliminate journalists with the nation’s major news organizations. At one time, they might have been acceptable investigators; however, these organizations and their employees have disqualified themselves by apparent participation in a coverup for so many years. The same organizations that might have committed or covered up crimes should not be charged with investigating them now.

Who, then, is left? I would suggest that a team of investigators appointed by the United Nations would have sufficient independence and credibility to assume this role. A major foundation such as the Gates Foundation would be another candidate for assembling such a team both because it would have the resources to do a thorough job and standing in the community. Almost any organization with sufficient resources might be acceptable so long as it was independent of the crimes being investigated.

I am troubled by the fact that prominent and, I believe, incorruptible public servants such as Gerald Ford and Lee Hamilton were members of investigative commissions whose conclusions are now seen as untrustworthy. It may be that the commission members were misled by committee staff; they were all persons with busy lives outside this area of responsibility. It may also be that, as long-time government officials, they personally could not accept the idea that persons in high positions of trust within the U.S. government would be capable of committing such crimes as murdering the President of the United States or destroying the World Trade Center towers, of having foreknowledge of these crimes and failing to prevent them, or of having conducted a coverup.

I am also troubled by the variety of theories about these crimes. Obviously, some of them must be incorrect. But which ones? That’s why we need a team of skilled investigators who will thoroughly follow all leads.

For instance, with respect to the Kennedy assassination, one school of thought is that organized-crime figures may have murdered the President because they helped elect him and his administration then proceeded to crack down on crime. Another theory, expressed above, is that top officials in the CIA orchestrated the assassination at Lyndon Johnson’s behest.

A related theory is that the managing partner in a Dallas law firm that handled Johnson’s personal affairs arranged to have President Kennedy murdered using hit men who had done other such work for this man. The last theory is advanced in a book written by another partner in this firm, Barr McClellan, who was sharing information given to him by more senior partners.

Now, in 2010, one wonders why the U.S. government cannot immediately release all its files on the Kennedy assassination. Those who actually shot the President are most likely already dead. Still, it might come as a shock to the American public if, after all these years of dismissing government involvement in these crimes as mere “conspiracy theories”, the government admitted its wrongdoing. Would not then the federal government as an institution forfeit the trust of the American people.

Worse yet is the possibility that the networks of people who orchestrated the Kennedy assassination and certainly the 911 destruction are still intact. If that is the case, no one in government - not even the President - is safe from deadly retaliation if their activities become known. This gangster-like corps would be holding our government hostage to whatever demands it cares to make if its agents could kill at will and never be punished or even identified.

Who - what group, what person, or what force - might be powerful enough to orchestrate such a plot? I hope this will prove to have been an empty “conspiracy” and truth will eventually be found to sustain the official explanations. If, on the other hand, there was such a conspiracy and its malignancy remains alive, we Americans would be among the most cursed of people.

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