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William McGaughey has been publishing books under the imprint of Thistlerose Publications for 35 years. Additionally, he and Eugene McCarthy published one for Praeger Publishers. Several of the Thistlerose books are available in electronic form on this website. Besides English, most of them appear in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian machine translations. Links to all those books appear on this web page.


1. A Shorter Workweek in the 1980s

Published in 1981

ISBN: 0-9605630-0-8

$6.95 list price

272 pages softcover

category: economics

link to manuscript (tables and footnotes omitted)


2. Punchdrunk Man Reader

Published in 1988

ISBN: 0-9605630-1-6

$14.95 list price

124 pages hardcover

category: polemical writing

link to manuscript unavailable


3. A U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement: Do We Just Say No?

Published in 1991

ISBN: 0-9605630-2-4

$11.95 list price

198 pages hardcover

category: economics

link to manuscript unavailable


4. Five Epochs of Civilization: World History as Emerging in Five Civilizations

Published in 2000

ISBN: 0-9605630-3-2

$18.95 list price

590 pages softcover

category: history

link to manuscript (multilingual)


5. Rhythm and Self-Consciousness: New Ideals for an Electronic Civilization

Published in 2001

ISBN: 0-9605630-4-0

$14.95 list price

260 pages softcover

category: philosophy

link to manuscript (English only)

6. The Independence Party and the Future of Third-Party Politics: Adventures and Opinions of an IP Senate Candidate

Published in 2003

ISBN: 0-9605630-5-9

$18.95 list price

471 pages softcover

category: political campaign

link to manuscript (multilingual)


7. On the Ballot in Louisiana: Running for President to Fight National Decay

Published in 2004

ISBN: 0-9605630-6-7

$16.95 list price

399 pages softcover

category: political campaign

text of On the Ballot in Louisiana (multilingual)





(a) Nonfinancial Economics: The Case for Shorter Hours of Work

Published in 1989 by Praeger Publishers

Coauthored with Eugene McCarthy

ISBN: 0-275-92514-5

$52.00 list price (approximate)

197 pages hardcover

category: economics

link to manuscript unavailable


(b) What Jesus was Thinking: Albert Schweitzer's View of the Messianic Self-Consciousness of Jesus

This was written in 2005 but not published. - 70,930 words - 15 chapters

link to manuscript (multilingual)


(c) History of the Triple Existence: Matter, Life, and Thought

Prospectively to be published in 2016 by Thistlerose Publications

ISBN: 0-9605630-7-5 or 978-0-9605630-7-4

$26.95 list price

562 pages hardcover

category: big history

link to manuscript unavailable


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