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New Dignity Party and the 2009 Campaign for Mayor of Minneapolis


by William McGaughey


Chapter One                                Why I ran for Mayor       (1,822 words)   

Chapter Two                                 Candidate forums sponsored by M. P. R. A. C.   (2,274 words)                  

Chapter Three                              A publicity event at the site of Uncle Bill’s Food Market     (1,373 words) 

Chapter Four                                Starting a new political party            (1,247 words)    

Chapter Five                                Financial-disclosure headaches              (1,487 words)    

Chapter Six                                 The website             (1,975 words)    

Chapter Seven                            The “little literature” campaign          (820 words) 

Chapter Eight                             The lawn sign campaign           (2,818 words)      

Chapter Nine                              Campaigning in the Minneapolis e-democracy forum         (8,492 words)         

Chapter Ten                                How the campaign was reported         (4,477 words)     

Chapter Eleven                          The racial aspect           (5,329 words) 

Chapter Twelve                          Literature drops and other attempts at outreach       (2,684 words)            

Chapter Thirteen                       My fellow candidates enter the picture        (7,152 words)          

Chapter Fourteen                      Election day             (2,870 words)    

Chapter Fifteen                         Post-mortem          (1,943 words)       

Chapter Sixteen                        The future of New Dignity Party        (1,234 words)   


47,997 words in total


forumdiscussion.html -- 2940 words


view of the election four years later        (2,937 words)    



Note: Photographic illustrations appear only in the English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian versions of this article. For the other six languages, check the listing of photographs keyed to those different chapters.

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