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Inside an Independence Party candidate’s campaign for Congress

in Minnesota’s Fifth District in 2008


by William McGaughey


Chapter One                               Four campaigns       (844 words)      

Chapter Two                               Preparing for a race in 2008     (715 words)               

Chapter Three                            Presidential Politics          (2,060 words)    

Chapter Four                              Plotting a campaign for Senate      (1,501 words)       

Chapter Five                               My attempt to organize a conference on trade       (2,435 words)      

Chapter Six                                 Development of issues and the website     (1,311 words)         

Chapter Seven                            The Senate endorsement       (4,308 words)

Chapter Eight                             Switching to the Congressional race       (3,060 words)

Chapter Nine                              Letters from special-interest groups       (3,765 words)     

Chapter Ten                                Politicking in the e-democracy forum      (3,941 words)       

Chapter Eleven                         The immigration issue          (5,324 words)      

Chapter Twelve                         Michael Bloomberg and Brian Moore     (2,280 words)          

Chapter Thirteen                      Cultivating media coverage before the primary   (6,686 words)         

Chapter Fourteen                     The Republican National Convention      (7,431 words)      

Chapter Fifteen                        Contact with individual voters       (5,167 words)       

Chapter Sixteen                       The candidate debates       (5,836 words)     

Chapter Seventeen                  Stiffed by the Star Tribune           (3,089 words) 

Chapter Eighteen                     Run-up to the election          (6,421 words)     

Chapter Nineteen                    The election results, some fall out, and a happy ending      (2,765 words)       

Chapter Twenty                       More on Keith Ellison and other political figures    (609 words)  


69,548 words in total


Note: Photographic illustrations appear only in the English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian versions of this article. For the other six languages, check the listing of photographs keyed to those different chapters.

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