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My ceremony of self-initiation on a Mountain Top in Reutte, Austria - A search for God and self-discovery in perilous conditions (1962) 15,113 words www.reutte.html -6 languages

A Dream of Roadrunners in Minnesota’s 1966 Republican Gubernatorial Campaign - Proposal for a relay marathon from Duluth to the Twin Cities to support Harold LeVander (1966) 15,157 words www.roadrunners.html- 6 languages

A Visit with E.F. Schumacher - Invited to his mother's house in Munich to discuss philosophy and the existence of God (1978) 1,196 words www.efschumacher.html - 6 languages

How I Resolved a $129.64 Discrepancy - The thought process needed to eliminate a dollar discrepancy on a computer report (1982) 5,908 words www.discrepancy.html - 6 languages

Farewell Checkpoint Charlie - Bill McGaughey returns to Germany after a 28-year absence (1990) 1,991 words www.checkpointcharlie.html - 6 languages

What I did in Times Square at the Turning of the Millennium - Being in a unique place at a unique time (2000) 7,795 words www.primetime.html - 12 languages

How at length I was able to write “Rhythm and Self-Consciousness” - Instead of trying to force the writing, I organized my information and went with the flow (2001) 3,132 words www.writingphilosophy.html - 6 languages

In Search of My Own Identity - A Story of Irrational Choices Made in Life for the Sake of more Authentic Experience (2007) 5,981 words www.identity/mystory.html - 6 languages

Sammy, the pet squirrel - Tales from the urban forest (2008) 1,810 words www.sammy.html - 6 languages

An underground view of the 39th ISCSC international conference at Western Michigan University in June 2009 - Some interesting people that Bill McGaughey met in Kalamazoo (2009) 26,241 words

A Scheme to Mix Politics and the Arts - I thought Democracy might come to the U.S.A. through Leonard Cohen's music (2009) 3,821 words www.leonardcohen.html - 6 languages

His and Her Adventures at Tiananmen Square - Husband’s delayed return gives wife a chance to exercise her selling skills (2010) 3,024 words www.tiananmen.html - 6 languages

Me and the Tonight show - a growing relationship (2017) 566 words www.tonightshow.html - 12 languages

My Brushes with the Presidency - Bill McGaughey’s various encounters with U.S. Presidents or would-be Presidents over the years (2010) 8,118 words www.identity/brushes.html - 6 languages

A Question of Identity - One is one’s role in a story (2010) 1,419 words www.identitystories.html - 6 languages

Wastrel neighborhood association votes whistle-blower off its board - Bill McGaughey objects to its denial of a business proposal (2011) 3,273 words www.harrison.html - 6 languages

I pay other people’s cell phone or cable bills - Get my personal banking information and you’re home free. (2011) 1,954 words www.autopay.html - 6 languages

My arrest for domestic assault - The experience of being arrested twice for domestic assault in Minneapolis including a violation of probation (2011 & 2012) 37,456 words www.domesticabuse.html - 6 languages

My two arrests for domestic abuse - Condensed Version - The same story as above edited to stress the legal issues (2015) 13,087 words www.DomAbuse-short.html - 9 languages

A Self-Represented Person's Odyssey in Divorce Court - A case history of divorce in Minnesota told by an abused but ultimately successful pro se husband (2014) 285,313 words (over 500 typed pages) - 1 language (English)

The Flow of Documents in a Minnesota Divorce - Fifty-six documents for a case of marriage dissolution without children (2015) 174,941 words (about 447 typed pages) www.divorcedocuments.html - 1 language (English)

My first two marriages and divorces - One wife went after the farm while the other let bygones be (2015) 3,723 words www.firsttwodivorces.html - 6 languages

Crossing Paths with Prince, the Rock Star - Our occasionally intersecting lives in Minneapolis and Chanhassen (2016) 5,059 words www.Prince.html - 6 languages

Me and the Fords - As a young man, I crossed paths with the Fords and with John Bugas (2016) 930 words www.Ford.html - 6 languages

My Years in a “Sufi” Singing Group with Robert Bly and Other Men - A weekly or monthly event for nearly 25 years (2016) 5,873 words www.sufi.html - 6 languages

Famous persons in America and my connection to them - Crossing paths with Bob Dylan, Garrison Keillor, Robert Bly, and Prince (2016) 1,384 words www.fourminnesotans.html - 6 languages

My father arranges to buy the Times Square building - It was up for sale in 1961 (2016) 1,083 words www.timessquare.html - 6 languages

My Career as a Fringe Candidate for President and other Elective Offices - Six different political campaigns waged over 15 years (2016) 1,926 words www.fringe.html - 6 languages

A Message to Harold Stassen’s Granddaughter - A dark secret from the past may lie buried in the Milford cemetery (2017) 497 words www.stassen.html - 6 languages

About me and these websites - My life goes into creating messages on the internet (2017) 2,653 words www.mywebsites.html - 12 languages

Some of Bill McGaughey’s Other Web Sites that are not translated into foreign languages - A brief description of their topics and perspectives (2017) 1,673 words www.thewebsites.html - 12 languages




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