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"It had always been my policy to try to avoid appearances in court if at all possible. But then, in my 70s, I was hit with a number of painful situations that landed me there. I choose, however, to regard them as adventures." - William McGaughey


a civic duty

Legal Challenges





Some problems with Minnesota courts: a letter to anyone who cares References to complete case histories relating to domestic abuse, divorce, foreclosure, and murder that illustrate judicial bias (2016) 2,040 words www.letter.html- 5 languages


Arrests for Domestic Abuse

My arrest for domestic assault The experience of being arrested twice for domestic assault in Minneapolis including a violation of probation (2011 & 2012) 36,744 words www.domesticabuse.html - 5 languages



A Self-Represented Person's Odyssey in Divorce Court A complete case history of divorce in Minnesota told by the husband (2016) 285,313 words www.divorcebook.html - 5 languages

My first two marriages and divorces One wife went after the farm while the other let bygones be - guess who I later remarried? (2015) 3,723 words www.firsttwodivorces.html - 1 language (English)

Complaint against wife's first attorney to Minnesota's Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility It's OK to have husband arrested and evicted from his home and then ransack his office to do discovery. (2015) 11,125 words - 1 language (English)www.lawyersprofessionalresponsibility.html

I file a complaint in the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards. Will the system allow charges to be brought against a former Hennepin County chief judge? (2016) 6,458 words www.judgeswenson.html - 5 languages



On the Receiving End of Hardball Litigation in a Foreclosure Law firm racks up immense fees seeking a summary judgment (2016) 94,316 words www.foreclosure.html - 5 languages



The jury experience Deselected by the attorneys, I sit in on a domestic-abuse trial (2015) 10,570 words www.juryduty.html - 5 languages


Murder trials

Besides having gone through the judicial wringer myself several times, I am related by marriage, or former marriage, to two young men who were convicted of murder in Minnesota courts and are currently serving lengthy prison sentences. Although I have no direct knowledge of the situations that brought their convictions, I believe both were innocent of the charges. I attended the trials of both men - in the second case, the entire trial - and have put together a narrative or analysis of the trial supporting my point of view. See the following:

analysis of issues relating to the conviction of Jermaine Stansberry (2003) 7,398 words www.jermainestansberry.html - 5 languages

an eyewitness to the trial of Anthony L. Foresta (2013) 17,334 words www.nthonyforesta.html - 5 languages


Police killings: discussions on Minnesota e-democracy forum relating to the deaths of Terrance Franklin www.billforpresident.html - 1 language (English) and Jamar Clark www.billforpresident.html - 1 language (English).



Some Criticisms of the Minnesota Court System related to domestic abuse, divorce, foreclosure, jury duty, and murder trials (2015) 1,343 words www.complaints.html - 5 languages

Can judicial abuse be controlled? Some sweeping suggestions to reform the court system (2015) 1,693 words www.endjudicialabuse.html - 5 languages

Time to Revisit "Gender Fairness" in the Courts Minnesota courts seem riddled with gender politics (2015) 3,939 words www.genderfairness.html - 5 languages


Proposed action: Strip the robes off judges (2016) 326 words www.leaflet.html - 5 languages


See also: landlord troubles www.landlordpolitics/horrorstories - 1 language (English)

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