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"It had always been my policy to try to avoid appearances in court if at all possible. But then, in my 70s, I was hit with a number of painful situations that landed me there. I choose here to regard them as adventures." - William McGaughey


a civic duty

Legal Challenges





Some problems with Minnesota courts: a letter to anyone who cares -- References to complete case histories relating to domestic abuse, divorce, foreclosure, and murder that illustrate judicial bias (2016) 2,040 words www.letter.html - 12 languages


Arrests for Domestic Abuse

My arrest for domestic assault -- The experience of being arrested twice for domestic assault in Minneapolis including a violation of probation (2011 & 2012) 36,744 words www.domesticabuse.html - 5 languages



A Self-Represented Person's Odyssey in Divorce Court -- A complete case history of divorce in Minnesota told by the husband (2016) 285,313 words www.divorcebook.html - 5 languages

My first two marriages and divorces -- One wife went after the farm while the other let bygones be - guess who I later remarried? (2015) 3,723 words www.firsttwodivorces.html - 12 languages

Complaint against wife's first attorney to Minnesota's Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility -- It's OK to have husband arrested and evicted from his home and then ransack his office to do discovery. (2015) 11,125 words - 1 language (English)www.lawyersprofessionalresponsibility.html

I file a complaint in the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards. -- Will the system allow charges to be brought against a former Hennepin County chief judge? (2016) 6,458 words www.judgeswenson.html - 5 languages



On the Receiving End of Hardball Litigation in a Foreclosure -- Law firm racks up immense fees seeking a summary judgment (2016) 94,316 words www.foreclosure.html - 5 languages



The jury experience -- Deselected by the attorneys, I sit in on a domestic-abuse trial (2015) 10,570 words www.juryduty.html - 5 languages


Murder trials

Besides having gone through the judicial wringer myself several times, I am related by marriage, or former marriage, to two young men who were convicted of murder in Minnesota courts and are currently serving lengthy prison sentences. Although I have no direct knowledge of the situations that brought their convictions, I believe both were innocent of the charges. I attended the trials of both men - in the second case, the entire trial - and have put together a narrative or analysis of the trial supporting my point of view. See the following:

analysis of issues relating to the conviction of Jermaine Stansberry (2003) 7,398 words www.jermainestansberry.html - 12 languages

an eyewitness to the trial of Anthony L. Foresta (2013) 17,334 words www.anthonyforesta.html - 12 languages


Police killings: discussions on Minnesota e-democracy forum relating to the deaths of Terrance Franklin www.billforpresident.html - 1 language (English) and Jamar Clark www.billforpresident.html - 1 language (English).



Some Criticisms of the Minnesota Court System -- related to domestic abuse, divorce, foreclosure, jury duty, and murder trials (2015) 1,343 words www.complaints.html - 12 languages

Can judicial abuse be controlled? -- Some sweeping suggestions to reform the court system (2015) 1,693 words www.endjudicialabuse.html - 12 languages

Time to Revisit "Gender Fairness" in the Courts -- Minnesota courts seem riddled with gender politics (2015) 3,939 words www.genderfairness.html - 12 languages


Proposed action: Strip the robes off judges (2016) 326 words www.leaflet.html - 12 languages


See also: landlord troubles www.landlordpolitics/horrorstories - 1 language (English)

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