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Dear friend:

My collection of web sites can and should be used to facilitate discussion among interested persons and even create lists for organizing groups. Toward that end, I include an email address at the end of a web page that proposes follow-up activity. If viewers of the web page do not respond, there will be no follow-up. If persons do respond, their names will be put on a list for possible group membership and activity.

So please do not hesitate in signing up. You can take your name off the list for any or no reason at any time. But it would be a shame not to have the opportunity to pursue an interest related to these web sites if the circumstances are right for you.

If interested, please send an email to mailto: giving the following information: name, mailing address, telephone number, email address.

Please be patient. Do not expect immediate acknowledgment while we’re building an online community. But eventually you will receive a personal response & can take it from there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

William McGaughey

(web site proprietor and contributor of articles)


Interactive websites ---


This is a platform for considering how history should be written on the broadest scale. Big history, which includes the creation of the universe and the development of life on earth, is larger than world history which is limited to the story of human civilization. The idea here is that big history ought to be a collaborative project with many and competing ideas regarding design and content. My book, History of the Triple Existence, is one such attempt to write big history. There are several others.


Are you into politics? How do you feel about Donald Trump? This year’s election aside, we must acknowledge the fact that partisan politics in the United States is divided sharply along the lines of race, gender, and sexual orientation? This website gives the “shrinking majority” a voice. It proposes that straight white males band together first to combat their unfavorable image and then to undertake action that would benefit society as a whole. “My identity organization” is the name of the proposed enterprise.


Strip the robes off judges! This is a simple but engaging proposal to combat judicial arrogance in Minnesota. The courts in that state have deliberately conspired to make divorce settlements more favorable to women as opposed to men. (See: Minnesota Supreme Court Task Force on Gender Fairness in the Courts - 5 languages) Stylistic changes, while not necessarily decisive in courts of law, will affect attitude and perhaps inhibit judges from going on personal tangents in rulings that involve gender or in other matters.


This site was created to provide a communication platform for a proposal to be made at the “Take Back your Time” conference in Seattle, Washington, in late August, 2016, to create a national movement to establish a 4-day, 32-hour workweek. William McGaughey, proprietor of, will make the proposal and follow up with a direct-mail campaign to build a list of potential supporters. It’s been 75 years since the 40-hour week became effective through the Fair Labor Standards Act yet labor productivity has since increased by five times. If you want to join the effort to reduce working hours in the United States further, visit this site.

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